Search Engine Optimization / SEO for small to medium size businesses!

Search Engine Optimization is the most critical aspect of Internet marketing and website development in the present day and for years to come. It's one thing to have a great website. It's an entirely different thing to be visible on the Internet. If your clients can't find your business, product or service on the top three search engines (Google®, Yahoo®, or Bing®), the money you've invested in your website is wasted. The Central Coast Marketing Network team will optimize your website and effectively leverage the dollars you invest.

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Questions to ask...

  • What are your keywords for your product or service?
  • Can people find your service on major search engines?
  • Does your website reflect your business, product, or service?
  • Are you showing up in local listings and directories?
  • How many keywords does it take to find your business, product or service in the major search engines?
  • Do you understand Search Engine Optimization and how search engines index your website?
  • Does your domain name play a role in SEO?

SEO Services Offered

Below is a list of a few of the basic SEO services offered to our clients.

  • Website Page Analysis
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Keywords and Phrase Evaluation
  • Page Ranking in major search engines
  • GeoTargeting and Local Search Analysis
  • and more...

We would love to explore these questions and offer solutions to your Internet marketing plan.

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